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For employees, students, & organizations

We work with you prior to your event to deliver a customized experience focused on your organization, culture and business.

International diversity and inclusion

A creative, fun workshop and team building event designed to bring about a better understanding and cohesive working relationship between international and American groups.

Through a fun and unique immersive workshop, American, multicultural, and international groups will learn how to better relate to each other, understand points of view, and ultimately how to make a more united, welcoming, and effective working environment.


New hire inspire

Not your traditional ice breakers. Unique, interactive networking, creative introductions and a customized company learning experience. Welcome new hires to your organization with this fun, unconventional workshop and teambuilding event!


Hierarchy disruption

We put equality above all. We love to see employees working together across all levels of the organization. Connecting all parts of your organization from entry level to executive across multiple departments can have surprising results! The VPs, sales associates, tech engineers, marketing managers and customer service step into the workshop… what happens next? Contact us to learn more!

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