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Creating a More United Workfoce

After experiencing the same corporate team building events offerings over and over in my own job, we wanted to create something different, not just for our teams, but for all work places. 

Danny, after starting to ride adult size big wheels for fun,  realized that they had a positive reaction and draw from all that saw them , and thus the idea for Adult Big Wheel Club Team Building & Custom Events was born.


Wanting to get back to the core values of team building we developed a one of a kind relay game that challenges teams to collaborate, communicate, and effectively work together to win. Its not the fastest team, but the ones that work together the best that win.  We offer full scale outdoor events, and in office team building that is one of a kind !

Continuing to see needs in the workplace,  in 2018 we developed the International Diversity  & Inclusion Workshops. Drawing on our own experience being an international coming to the US, we created a one of a kind workshop and team building experience that aims to enlighten, educate, and unite international/ multicultural, and US groups.  Participants will learn how better to relate to each other, understand points of view, and ultimately how to make a more integrated, welcoming, effective work/learning environment.

Now offering events for employees, organizations,  & students/ youth groups.

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